Date written Jun 7, 2020
Date updated Last updated: Jul 5, 2020
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Axios - Axios gets you smarter, faster with news & information that matters.

Commonplace - building career moats in a constantly changing world

LessWrong - More precisely, LessWrong 2.0, is a collection of long-form insights into a variety of concepts including rationality, ethics, technology, effective altruism etc. GreaterWrong is an alternative viewer.

Wait But Why - Psychology, philosophy, and a zillion things wrapped in humor.

Metaculus - A community of people making predictions about the future with some nice discussions around reasoning under uncertainty.

Quanta Magazine - covers complex topics in science for "popular science", often insightful.


Spurious Correlations - examples for the correlation v/s causation phenomenon

The Pudding - is a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays.

Visual Capitalist - The infographics are very appealing and informative.


Measure - See how well your website performs. Then, get tips to improve your user experience.


Apollo Projects - Funding for moonshots by Altman brothers.