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Date written Jun 19, 2020
Date updated Last updated: Dec 28, 2020
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This page details the tools powering this website.

The pages are generated by GatsbyJS which abstracts away the build process for me. All the page layouts are built in React using Theme UI styled components. I've modified parts of the style system from Tailwind.

All content is written in extended markdown via MDX and Remark.

Math is rendered via KaTeX, and I've written some custom plugins for other tiny utilities. Images are lazy loaded via React hooks, which is also implemented as a tiny plugin.

Search is powered by FlexSearch. The search index contains text extracted by parsing the MDX AST. Eventually, I would like this to be more refined with word stemming and other language processing goodies. I use Vega Lite to embed charts, allowing me to use the same specification across both Python and the web. Images are hosted on Imgur.

The website is deployed on Netlify and the domain registrar is GoDaddy. Simple and private analytics are powered by GoatCounter. Uptime is monitored via UptimeRobot. short.io is used occasionally for URL aliases. The nameservers are hosted on Cloudflare.

The complete source is available on Github.