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Jul 15, 2020Last updated: May 12, 2021
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This is the overview page for area People.

This area hosts content that starts at individual personalities and their legacies.


MacTutor is an amazing resource. Quoting from the website,

MacTutor is a free online resource containing biographies of nearly 3000 mathematicians and over 2000 pages of essays and supporting materials.


Paul Graham - Co-Founder of YC. Some great observational essays.

Ben Thompson - In-depth articles by on analysis of the strategy and business side of technology and media, and the impact of technology on society.

Benedict Evans - Independent technology analyst with annual trend reports.

Fred Wilson - Writes some insightful content on a broad spectrum of topics.

Seth Godin - Mainly known for his bestselling work on marketing, the blog has nice tid bits.

Terence Tao - The math prodigy also has some career advice.

Patrick Collison - Co-Founder of Stripe with some great writing.

Nikita Prokopov - Programmer and UI designer. Fun and detailed rants.

Joel Spolsky - The Stack Overflow person!

Simon Hørup Eskildsen - A dropout at Shopify who writes a lot of book reviews.


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