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Date written Aug 18, 2020
Date updated Last updated: Sep 22, 2020
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At some point in the past, I was regularly tasting wines from across the world. Vivino was where I tracked everything. On top of this, I manually curated the lat/long values of each of the producing wineries. It is a collection of a little over a hundred unique wines. Hopefully, I can continue building this repository in the future.

I've visualized all data on the world map at It looks something like this.

The code and data is available at activatedgeek/wine-map licensed under Apache 2.0.


Here are a few books that I often refer to for casual academic excursion.

The Indian Wine Scene

After having been an enthusiast and a so-called oenophile for a while, I've realized I don't know much about the Indian wine ecosystem. I'm collecting some stories here.