Date written Jun 7, 2020
Date updated Last updated: Jul 29, 2020
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In recent times, I've warmed up to a variety of themes from history, philosophy, economics and technology. Here's a list books that have shaped me. These are books meant to be less technical in flavor and rather more about putting broader perspectives in context.

See Textbooks on Various Subjects for books with more technical treatment.


Here is the complete list of books reverse sorted by year a.


Goodreads is generally a good resource to find books and get a sense of the reviews. I, however, only use it to maintain a repository of all the books I've rated. GatesNotes maintains a popular collection of book reviews as well

Very Short Introductions is a great place for short and light reads of usually less than 200 pages. It covers a broad array of topics. I only use this resource to get a sense of fields that are alien to me.

  1. These are fetched automatically via the Goodreads API.